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Panoramic view

The Lunigiana area extends from the north west tip of Tuscany, over chain of the Apuanian alps. Going down along the Magra river, crossing the medieval itineraries of the Via Francigena , one finds constant testimony of the evolution of an antique civilization. The civilization of Luni, from which the whole area took its name from, was an important center during roman times.

Lunigiana2 Castles

Lunigiana is also a land of history and art. Also known as the "land of the hundred castles" many of these fortifications that date back to the medieval era have been restored and can be visited. Malaspina Castle in Fosdinovo, the Verrucola Fortress near Fivizzano, Castiglione del Terziere, and the Piagnaro Castle are only but some of the many fortresses in the area.
A land of antique history and traditions, the Lunigiana is full of prairies, moors, pastures and hills, this variety reflects the variety of vegetation and agriculture. There are numerous chestnut tree forests, from which the flour is still ground in water-mills, prestigious olive trees that produce olive oil that was appreciated even by Petrarca.
Lunigiana3  Villages

Lastly the Lunigiana is a land of hospitality and of fine cuisine. One above all is the "Torta d'Erbe" (herb cake) traditionally prepared with prestigious vegetables or prepared in the antique way using only wild herbs. The Lasagne Bastarde, obtained by mixing grain flour with chestnut flour, and the Panigacci, an ancient dish cooked in red-hot typical pottery TESTELLI di TERRACOTTA on the fireplace.


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