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From the passion for the motorbike combined with the job done every day in our hotel, one evening in front of the fireplace comes the idea of ​​ (

motorradtoskanaWhy don’t we use the motorbike to inform people about the beauty of my land? So I decided to involve my motorcycle enthusiasts friends who know every square inch of our territory. becomes a team of enthusiasts which offers support in organizing motorcycle tours for the weekends in our part of Tuscany, a wide range of routes, places to visit and places to eat during your holiday.

The root of the name undoubtedly brings to mind the BMW, and the two-cylinder “enduro” made in BMW because the passion of all the staff is BMWMotorrad: motorcycle and tourism. The passion for the motorbike, combined with the beauty of the places to visit, makes MotorradToskana the translation of mototourism and Tuscany … in the “BMW language”.

So the tours are open to all enduro and all road bikes. The streets, characterized by a succession of curves and landscapes which take your breath away, are perfect even for tours with particular bikes, such as the Harley-Davison, the Triumph or even the legendary Vespa. For many years now, the “In Vespa on Apuans Alps” meeting has been held at the Hotel Belvedere, home of MotorradToskana.

Over the years our staff has been the protagonist for the organization of gathering of special bike owners such as the Vun, Yamaha XJR and the only Italian HRD Vincent Rally and extreme bikes like the Kawasaki ZZR 1400 with their international meeting in June 2017. Many other events often organized by Facebook groups, Motorclubs and BMWMotorrad, events with fewer participants but equally interesting and successful.

Since 2015 organizes in collaboration with NortechFreeSpirit, the only Italian event dedicated exclusively to the BMW GS of any year and model, the GSDAYS, three days dedicated to the GS passion with exhibitors, mechanics and great travelers; all information on our dedicated website:


Organizing events and dedicated services

In these years we have tried and tested many miles of roads in Garfagnana, Lunigiana in the upper part of Tuscany, the Apennine Passes, the Apuan Alps and the Cinque Terre areas, we can offer tours with different degrees of difficulty and interests, from grinding km till the tourist tour. Among these we like to remember two tours where even the overnight stay becomes adventure and respect for nature.

This tour involves spending the night at a shelter at high altitude, about m. 1750 s.l.m., reachable only with the road enduro and dirt roads; owners of road motorcycles can still reach the shelter, if interested, thanks to staff shuttle with the 4X4 cars, leaving from the hotel where the guests are going to leave the motorbikes in the hotel garage.

The second tour is called the Marble: starting from our hotel, going through secondary roads you reach and visit the Marble Quarries.

We can collaborate in the realization of “ad hoc” events and tours for motorcycle clubs, groups, enthusiasts and meetings. We can guarantee you tours starting from 1 day, up to exceeding the week of stay at your pleasure.

— Tiziano Davini, Hotel Belvedere manager & owner

Motorcycle turing in Garfagnana
Motorcycle turing in Garfagnana
Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Motorcycle turing in Garfagnana
Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Motorcycle turing in Garfagnana





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