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Dining room and panoramic terrace


The Restaurant is renown for its elegant and refined ambiance. It can host up to 250 guests and its structure is ideal for ceremonies, conventions and business lunches and meetings.

During the summer season it is possible to have lunch or dine on the terrace while enjoying the panoramic view.

Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Restaurant room
Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - A set table
Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Buffet and typical food
Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Panoramic terrace

The culinary tradition


The Garfagnana people has always been defined as closed people as is closed their valley, but we can assure you that this is not true.

Come to discover the delicate but strong flavors from a valley which, as any borderland, has ended up creating its own culinary tradition. The traditional “garfagnina” kitchen is a frugal kitchen, simple and sometimes poor because few were the basic ingredients: the spelt, the “formenton” flour, the chestnut, the red beans, the trout, the forest fruits; but the imaginative originality of housewives allowed and still allows creating endless and tasty dishes to those who have made the most of these ancient recipes.

It’s impossible to list them all, but we recall just a few: the spelt soup, polenta of chestnut, chestnut cake, the “ribollita”, “manafregoli”, the “farinata”, the “polenta incagliata”, “biroldo”, lard, “buccellato”. Surely our fathers would like to know that most of their “poor food” obtained by the European Community the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), or are protected by Slow Food, and is so for Spelt, the Chestnut and its derivatives, extra virgin olive oil, the “formenton 8 file”, “biroldo”, “pecorino” of Garfagnana, the “wheel apple”, honey, the potatoes bread.

Our cuisine prepared personally for over 30 years with the same passion from the Davini family, offers delicious regional dishes based on those traditional flavors now too often forgotten and prepared with products of our area, and meat from animals raised free in the mountain pastures.

It starts from creative and original appetizers, move to first dishes such as Spelt Soup, the Spelt Tagliolini or Ravioli with Porcini Mushrooms, to continue with the cooked grilled lamb and veal baked leg to end with sweets: spelt cakes, tarts with berries and many other delicacies.

Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Homemade Ravioli
Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Mushrooms
Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Homemade Tagliatelle
Hotel Ristorante Belvedere - Spelt


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GPS – LAT 44°12’7” LONG 10°13’37’

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