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TWO DAYS – 130.00€

Evening: welcome cocktail and handing over of informative material (itinerary and maps). Dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.

First day: “Towards the Roof of Garfagnana”
Circuit: Hotel, Monte Tondo, Hotel. Approximately 25/30 km. Itinerary with mountain bikes of about 30 km , completely immersed in the greenery of pine trees, chestnut trees, beech trees in the midst of uncontaminated nature where it may be possible to see squirrels, foxes or other animals that are typical of the forest. From the hotel, the itinerary will take you to the plateau of Monte Argegna where one can observe the view of the Apuanian alps, with a brief stop and visit to the Sanctuary of “Madonna della Guardia”. The excursions continues on to Monte Tondo. What one can see from here is unimaginable, the view goes from the mountains of Pisa to the gulf of La Spezia. At the end of the excursion, based on the season, one may relax in the swimming pool and after dine on the terrace.

Second day: “The Parco dell’Orecchiella: on the traces of the Wolf”
Circuit: Hotel, Verrucole Fortress, Parco dell’Orecchiella, Hotel. Approximately 35/40 km.
Itinerary for “real bikers” or for amateur bikers. It is possible to depart from the hotel and stay on the bike for over 40 km or make a transfer until the park with an automobile and use the bikes from there. This excursion will take us to the Parco dell’Orecchiella, with the possibility of brief stops to visit small towns that have through the years maintained their Medieval characteristics among these are Verrucole with its fortress on a buttress of volcanic rock that dominates the river, but you will be astonished by the view and the scenery once you reach the Park. Deer, roe-bucks squirrels, and chipmunks surrounded by the typical alpine colors.


FOUR DAYS – 240.00€

**1st and 2nd day as described above plus…

Third day : “Discovering the Marble of the Apuanian Alps”
Circuit: Hotel, Gramolazzo Lake, Orto di Donna, Hotel. Approximately 25/30 km
Starting from the hotel, and always passing through paths that are immersed in nature, one arrives to the Gramolazzo lake, typical alpine lake, whose water reflects the Pisanino, the highest mountain of the Apuanian Alps. The excursion continues on and reaches the Orto di Donna: a glacial concave of rare beauty, and slightly above, it is possible to visit the marble quarries and it extraction from the mountain.

Fourth day: “Visit to the Alpeggi di Campocatino”
Circuit: Hotel, Campocatino, Vagli Lake , Hotel. Approximately 25 km or about 40 km.
This itinerary allows us to admire Campocatino, marvelous circle of glacial origin that is today covered with a green field overlooked by the mass of Roccandagia. From here it is possible to visit: castles, small stone houses built by shepherds and used during the summer pastures, the San Viviano hermitage, a small church dug in the rocks and to finish on the path that goes to the Vagli lake: famous for its “ghost town” submerged by the water of the lake.


SIX DAYS – 350.00€

**from 1st to 4th day as described above plus…

Fifth day: “the places of the Spirit”
Circuit: Hotel, Sanctuary of Madonna della Guardia, Regnano, Pieve di Offiano, Pieve di San Lorenzo, Beata Vergine Hermitage, Hotel. Approximately 38 km .
A particular itinerary of historical and religious interest. Departure from the hotel towards the Sanctuary of Monte Argegna, and continues on to visit the remains of an antique ” Ospitale” of the year 1000. From here the route goes on, passing though antique towns with their cobblestone streets, the fragrance of wood and the silence that conducts us to a “maestaina”, a small church and to a hermitage or to the most important parish.

Sixth day : “by bicycle on the antique Via Vandelli”
Circuit: Hotel, Vagli, Passo della Tambura, Resceto, Massa, Hotel. Approximately 50 km
This interesting but tough excursion is suggested solely to well trained and expert bikers, the others may limit them selves to intermediate stops, that are just as fascinating. The goal of this itinerary is to rediscover a part of the Via Vandello, road that was build in 1738 by Francesco III d’Este, Duca of Modena, as a safe access to the sea from his boarders. This itinerary is completely immersed in the greenery of the Apuanian alps that will allow us to discover particular aspects and the difficulties of the construction of this historic road that takes us until the beaches of Versilia.



VIA STATALE 445 55030 CASONE CARPINELLI (LU) (PASSO DEI CARPINELLI)TEL +39 0583 611066 - FAX +39 0583 611043EMAIL info@albergo-belvedere.itGPS – LAT 44°12’7” LONG 10°13’37’P.IVA 01507360467


TEL +39 0583 611066 - FAX +39 0583 611043


GPS – LAT 44°12’7” LONG 10°13’37’

P.IVA 01507360467


VIA STATALE 445 55030 CASONE CARPINELLI (LU) (PASSO DEI CARPINELLI)TEL +39 0583 611066 - FAX +39 0583 611043EMAIL info@albergo-belvedere.itGPS – LAT 44°12’7” LONG 10°13’37’P.IVA 01507360467